2 Part Form Part 1 Visiting Request Part 2 Visitor Information Florida Department of Corrections REQUEST FOR VISITING PRIVILEGES APPLICATION More Visitation Information at Part 1 of 2 www. Dc.state. fl.us After completing this form mail to Please DO NOT visit until the inmate notifies you of your approval. Suwannee Correctional Institution Annex 5964 U.S. Highway 90 Live Oak Florida 32060 Please read this carefully Only one form per person. This inmate requests you be approved for visitation...
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Who needs this request?

Any person who wants to visit an inmate in any Florida correctional institution has to file this form. All applicants must remember that they need to receive a message from the inmate about approving their application before they can go to visit him or her.  

What is it for?

This form is a request for visiting privileges at a correctional institution. It is requested by the Florida Department of Corrections. It is the basis for issuing a legal permit to visit the inmate.

Is it accompanied by other forms?

It doesn’t require additional forms unless the correctional institution needs to verify the information you’ve provided.

When is this request due?

There is no due date for this request.

How do I fill out a Florida request for visiting privileges?

There are two parts in this request. First you need to read Visitor Rules, or Part 2, in order to certify that you are informed and that you agree to follow those rules. In Part 1, you need to write the inmate’s name, give his DC number and describe your relationship to the inmate. After that write your full name and contact information. Answer the questions about your employment status and background. If your visiting privileges have ever been denied, you need to explain the reason. Also circle one of the given variants to inform the officers how you got acquainted with the inmate. Sign this form only if you have read the Part 2. Do not try to visit the inmate before he or she informs you of your application approval.

Where do I send it?

Send it to the correctional institution that you need to visit. Browse the Florida Department of Corrections website to find the correct address.

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